Weightloss Pills – Are They Safe?

A lot of people are faced with the problem of being overweight. Obesity rate has been climbing faster than ever. This can be attested to the fast growing and quick changing world we now live in. Time is of the essence and it is a commodity that can easily run out. People tend to forget about taking care of their body and stick with eating fast food, junk food and preserved food that does nothing for the health and the body. And what is the result of all this hasty eating and eating for the sake of just eating? A lot of people are now grossly overweight. High demand for weight loss methods and weight loss products have resulted in a number of new, tempting offers from different companies and pharmacies. From drinking tea to herbal supplements. One such product is the so called magic pill or weightloss pills.Weightloss pills are a very tempting product to try, especially for those who do not have the time or does not want to give up time for exercise. It is also a popular choice for those who simply love to eat. These weightloss pills claim that they help in blocking the absorption of fat. Some claim that taking in their pill would dramatically increase the body’s metabolism and in effect increase the number of calories the body can burn. They also claim that it can reduce a person’s appetite and turn fat into muscle. Though they are FDA approved, it is not a guarantee that they will work on everyone or would even work at all.These weightloss pills are not subject to rigorous tests that the FDA conducts on other drugs so they are sold over the counter with limited safety and study of effectiveness. It is a gamble to buy and use weightloss pills as they can have side effects that are worse than what they do for the body. And, if you would look closely and listen intently to the advertisements of these pills, you would see and hear something in common. They all say that taking this product with the right diet and exercise you will lose weight immediately. But wait a minute, isn’t it true that the reason people are tempted to buy weightloss pills is they do not want or does not have the time to diet and exercise?The truth is there is no overnight way of losing weight unless you have surgery. Then, there is no sure, quick fire way of keeping weight away from your body. The real effective, tried and tested way to keep fit and healthy is still good old fashioned exercise. Losing weight and keeping yourself healthy from being obese is a lifestyle change that you will have to take on. It is not as tempting, as easy and as fast as weightloss pills promise, but the advantage of doing it the old fashioned way of eating healthy food and exercising regularly is a guaranteed effective way to get the dream body that you have craved for years and keeping yourself healthy as an ox.

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Cuban Chocolate Marquise Recipe

If you a serious chocoholic and like your desserts ridiculously rich, then this is one of those dishes that will give you a real chocolate buzz.

The term Marquise is French and used to refer to the wife of a Marquis or nobleman, much the same as Duke and Duchess in English. It therefore seems possible the dessert is using reference here to a dessert of high nobility or just hinting at its inherent richness. Marquises are dense, rich affairs, often made in terrine dishes then sliced or in ingot shaped moulds. In reality you can make it any form you wish. I use small silicon muffin moulds which makes turning out the marquises far easier. Many chocolatier recipes call for adding cream or butter, but really there is no need unless you really want a less dense texture and lighter flavour. But truthfully marquises should be thoroughly indulgent affairs. If you want light go for a chocolate mousse.

It’s imperative to use really good chocolate in this recipe as there is no hiding place. The flavour of the chocolate should be the star. But your garnishes or flavourings can add to this. So add a little whiskey, rum or cognac to the base recipe if you wish. Pair it with something creamy and sweet to balance. In the past I have made Olive Oil marquises with sweet tapenade, white choc emulsion and brioche “sand”, Golden rum marquises with roasted banana pieces, white chocolate coconut cream & candied macadamias. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. How about a whisky marquise with oat tuiles, whisky, orange & honey soaked raspberries?

This chocolate marquise is ridiculously rich and decadent, fairly simple to make, and will no doubt become a dinner party favourite.

I pair it with salted caramel, malted milk ice cream and honeycomb for texture. But you could just add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, some toasted nuts or even some caramelised brioche crumbs.

The portions may seem small, but after a starter and main these are the perfect size.

Ingredients: Serves 6

200g 70% dark chocolate. I use a Cuban variety

2 eggs

2 egg yolks

80g lightly flavoured honey

Sea salt


  1. Melt the chocolate in a plastic bowl in the microwave, checking every 30 seconds, and stirring in the un-melted pieces as it melts, set aside whilst you prepare the other elements
  2. Whisk the egg yolks and eggs in a bowl with an electric whisk until they are pale yellow and fluffy
  3. Heat the honey in a saucepan until it reaches 121c. Allow to cool to 100c then slowly add to the melted chocolate. If your mixture goes grainy, just add 2 teaspoons of boiling water whilst blending with a stick blender or electric whisk.
  4. Finally add the melted chocolate and honey to the egg mixture and fold in well. Pour into silicon moulds and allow to set overnight. Turn out from the moulds, sprinkle with a little sea salt and serve with your choice of garnishes.

WeightLoss and Blame

Short of sexuality, nothing permeates our culture quite like the issue of weight. Specifically, the loss and management of it. One could make a case that sex and fat are two sides of the same cheeseburger, but nonetheless we are bombarded by images and messages that remind us we don’t look at all like swim suit models or Health practitioner.Cynics would tell us that it’s all about the money, the selling of fashion and cosmetics and self-worth, and the selling of the health clubs and magazines and diet plans that promise to get us there while they remind us we’re light-years away from being a planet were everyone enjoys the perfect body weight.Either we are not all that fat and are being conned into believing that we are… or we truly are on the plus-side of healthy poundage and in committed denial about it. For the former, we say: wake up and smell the low-fat yogurt. Because we outnumber you five to one, and we’re too busy eating ourselves into oblivion to worry about you and your anxiety about moving from a size six to a size four. Three words: get a life.For the rest of us, we too need a wake-up call. Because behind the pop psychology that would have us believe our excess weight is really all about self-image and unrequited childhood trauma and even hormone imbalance and the pressures of life itself, at the end of the day it boils down to one simple factoid: we eat too much. We eat wrong, we eat too often, and we eat to compensate for things that don’t really relate to food at all.Not to sound unsympathetic to the very human tendency to seek ways to alleviate our pain, but blaming our weight problems on life is like saying your bad hair is the result of the stock market. Sure, we don’t like it, but the truth sometimes hurt. The trick to weight loss or a successful diet is to work your Diet Plan, or plan to fail. Dr. Phil would have us believe that we won’t lose weight until we heal our inner chef, until we learn to feel good about ourselves. That same cynic might say that we’d feel a lot better about ourselves if we lost a few pounds.But even that’s too complicated. The solution is much simpler.The truth is, life is difficult, and you’re not Healthy. Get busy and deal with the Truth. Get clear on both issues, and you’ll be better equipped to move forward and turn that two-sided cheeseburger into delicious piece of rye toast, no butter. And that is something you can feel terrific about.

How To Find The Right Moisturizer For Your Skin

It’s no wonder that both men and women these days have a hard time finding the right moisturizer for their skin. There are so many options out there, ranging in price from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. There are regular store brands and department store brands, even doctors have their own brands.

How do you know which is the right one for you?

According to dermtologist Monica Halem, MD, it is very easy if you follow a few simple guidelines, the first of which is don’t spend too much money. If you are anything like me, that should make you VERY happy.

    1. Check the ingredients on the moisturizer. There are a few key ingredients in skin moisturizers that help seal in moisture. They are petrolatum, mineral oil, lanolin, and some contain alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which helps exfoliate dead skin. If you have very dry skin, choose a moisturizer that contains an AHA.
    1. Choose one that contains sunscreen. We all know by now that we should be wearing sunscreen every day anyway, so why not choose a moisturizer that contains one? It’s one less step in our super busy morning routine. Keep in mind that whatever you choose it should have at least an SPF of 30. You might need to do some extra digging to find one, but it will be worth it in the long run.
  1. Choose an appropriate moisturizer for your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to choose one that is hypoallergenic, which means it won’t irritate your skin. For those with oily skin, choose oil-free, and for those with dry skin, choose something thicker. Also, look for the words “noncomedogenic” which means it won’t clog your pores.

Once you find the right product, be sure to use it every day and you will go a long way toward preventing dry skin and even camouflaging wrinkles. Moisturizers can not get rid of wrinkles (wrinkles form due to loss of collagen in the skin), but they can help minimize their appearance by plumping up the skin.

Moisturizers work better if you apply them to damp skin. You should apply them to your face and body as soon as you get out of the shower, while your skin is still damp. Remember to gently pat your skin dry, never rub. Applying the moisturizer while skin is still damp also helps seal in much needed moisture.

Stop Incontinence – The Kegelmaster


Control is one of the first indicators of maturity. You may not recollect the first time you were told that you were becoming a “big girl” for your success using the big girl potty, but your probably heaped the same praise upon your own children. With good reason. Depending upon diapers is a sign of dependence, and the only thing worse than being dependent is losing independence.

The distress and quality of life concerns surrounding incontinence are easy to understand. Perhaps the reluctance to talk about it is understandable as well. Even mentioning it can feel like you are stepping back away from adulthood. What makes this even sadder is the fact that in many cases, unreported incontinence often has a treatable underlying cause.

Stress Incontinence

Stress incontinence is an involuntary loss of urine during an increase in abdominal pressure. This may occur when coughing, laughing, lifting or sneezing. Stress incontinence is very common in women. It is usually the result of a loss of support to the urethra. This usually the result of damage to the muscles of the pelvic floor during childbirth, although it may be the result of other conditions, including obesity, diabetes or infection.

Normally, the pressure of the muscle which holds the urethra closed exceeds the pressure on the bladder, and urine is held within the bladder. Since the bladder and the urethra are both within the pelvis, when intra-abdominal pressure increases, such as what happens during a cough of sneeze, pressure increase on both equally, and control is maintained with no loss of differential pressure. Normal bladder voiding occurs when the muscle holding the urethra relaxes, causing the pressure from the bladder to exceed that of the urethra.

If the muscles of the pelvic floor loose the strength to hold the urethra closed, the involuntary loss of urine is nearly inevitable.

Exercise To The Rescue

Fortunately, in many cases these muscles can be strengthened through an exercise training program designed for them. Dr. Arnold Kegel was the gynecologist who did pioneering work in developing strengthening exercises for these muscles. In fact, in common speech, these muscles are referred to as Kegels.

A method of learning which muscles need to be strengthened with Kegel exercises is to use your muscles to stop the flow of urine. WARNING: it is not a healthy practice to stop the flow of urine on a regular basis, as it may cause the retention of urinary waste. In order to exercise the Kegel muscles correctly, Kegelmaster called for a device which provided resistance to the muscles. The resistance would need to be increased as the muscle strengthened, and there would need to be feed back to determine that the muscle was indeed getting stronger. It is a perfect exercise device to stop incontinence.

Dr. Kegel created a device using balloons, tubes and pressure gauges which he called the perimeter, an unwieldy device that could only be used in the doctor’s office. The Kegelmaster is the only exercise device on the market which meets all of Dr. Kegel’s requirements, but best of all, it is portable enough to be used in the privacy of your own home.

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